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Pramipexole And Cabergoline – Which One Has The Upper Edge?

CabergolinePramipexole and Cabergoline are medications used for the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. They are both dopamine receptor agonists. However, different users have their own views when it comes to the overall efficacy of each drug. While others say Pramipexole is more potent than Cabergoline, others beg to differ. Take for example the case of a particular person. He has used both of these medications. However, he leans more on Cabergoline, but he said there are many variables that may affect his decision and the medication may work at different times and at different people.

Pramipexole is more invasive in terms of side effects and its effects on the mental health. Nevertheless, when it comes to libido,Pramipexole has faster effects. He said his views will greatly differ according to the dosage and the time of the administration of the medication. On the other hand, Cabergoline has a more subtle, slower burn effect. Cabergoline likewise has a longer half life, whereas Pramipexole can be used on a short term need.

Which Medication Is Cheaper?

Pramipexole-And-CabergolineIn terms of the pricing option, Pramipexole is cheaper than Cabergoline. Pramipexole pricing ranges from $10 to $45, while the Cabergoline price has a range from $15 to $120. That being said, people are more inclined to purchase Pramipexole, considering its price and its fast-acting effects. Both of the medications are by now available in drugstores and online. However, make sure to have a doctor’s prescription when you buy these drugs.

In addition, both of these medications should be taken on a gradual basis. Start by taking 0.25mg, then increase the dose according to what your doctor said. Like what was mentioned, Pramipexole exhibits more side effects than Cabergoline. Pramipexole is hard to get dosed in correctly, but it always gives a euphoric sensation, while Cabergoline has a smoother effect without any nausea involved. These similarities and differences can help you determine which of these two medications can help you better.

Between Pramipexole And Cabergoline, Which Should You Choose?

Before you select between Pramipexole and Cabergoline, it is ideal to seek help from your doctor first. Now that you know the information about these drugs, and what people have to say, you can wisely select which one is best for you. You have a better chance of choosing the ideal medication. Whether there is a range in the price, or the overall effectiveness of each of these drugs, expect to get the medication that will help you.